Realistic Alternative Solutions

Jesus is Alive!

It can work in your vehicle easily!

Solar panels are available in all shapes & sizes and are very compact & light. This means it is easy to take them with you while camping, driving or boating.

In general boating uses a small wind turbine with optional solar panels to produce power, while cars / van / trucks use solar panels mounted on the roof for their main power source. Of course many choose to use just an inverter without solar panels etc especially in trucks - just using power from the batteries that is replenished while driving.

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For this type of system, you will need:

  1. An Energy Converter (normally solar modules though wind can be used)
  2. A Regulator (unless the energy converter (#1) is self-regulated)
  3. Batteries (needed to release energy when you need it)
  4. Stand Alone Inverter (rated to your power need)
  5. Wires & connectors to go between #1-4

It doesn't get too much easier! In most cases you simply connect the Inverter to your battery & plug in your appliance (TV, Fridge etc) and away you go!