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We can show you how to get cut down your bill while reducing pollution!

A Grid-Connect system gives you the best of both worlds. You have the instant power from the grid, but also free, clean energy from the sun during the day. If you don't use as much as what you produce, it is fed back into the grid and the power company PAYS YOU for the excess!!

The solar modules are designed to look nice on the roof of a suburban house and you can start with a small outlay. When you look at the fact that the components last from 15 - 30 years, you can see that it is a very worth-while investment.

For this type of system, you will need:

  1. An Energy Converter (normally solar modules though wind can be used)
  2. A Regulator (unless the solar modules (#1) are self-regulated)
  3. Batteries (only if you want power during a 'black out')
  4. Grid-Connect Inverter (rated to your power need)
  5. Wires & connectors to go between #1-4

It doesn't get too much easier! In most cases a licensed electrician is needed to wire the inverter into the grid - though the rest can normally be done yourself. A diagram showing just how basic it can be with the PV EDGE inverter (which by the way looks great and is an amazing converstaion piece for your loungeroom wall!):

Remote Area Power System Wind / Solar Setup for Farm / Ranch


Great! Now that you know that you need a GRID CONNECT system, you need to work out the exact power requirements for your houes / business. Click the Calculations link