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Jesus is Alive!

There is much attention lately about Global Warming and Carbon emissions. You are no doubt reading this page because you care about the planet - and so you should! Our children will have to live on this planet for quite some time...

Let's be serious for a minute though - don't get too alarmed about the 'crisis' advertised everywhere. TV & media love to over do everything for a good story. The 2000 bug is a classic example. I am not aware of much actual evidence of Global Warming exept on a very normal cycle (generally every 7 years).

The amount of carbon in the atmosphere stays constant - Jesus Created the world this way. The 1 & 2nd laws of thermodynamics show this. And as for emissions have you ever thought how much pollution is given off by 1 volcanoe blast?

Hang onto your hat - I'm not saying it doesn't matter & that we shouldn't be doing our bit - all I am saying is that the current media hype is just that - hype. There are problems with de-forestation around the world and poorer people burning wood / coal / dung for heating. And I think that we should use solar & wind where possible - and maybe even have limits on the vast amount of energy we WASTE which increases emissions etc. For some interesting reading (though not often popular) on Global warming click
here, here or here.

Take notice of the actual temperatures you experience & what is reported-- the coldest winter in china for 100 years? That doesn’t line up with Global Warming! Perths recent summer - MILDER than I can ever remember! Hear how ‘scientists’ speculate over data & the way it is reported totally clouds the issue.
Think about EVIDENCE - that shows no increase in sea temperature, normal cycles (hot AND COLD), carbon emissions making little or NO difference to climate, Solar Flares from the sun making BIG differences, the amount of carbon from a volcano spewing out more smoke & carbon than... well look into the figures yourself & see what kind of changes we would have to make to combat that!
Sure pass laws for the volcanoes! Ok I am being silly now - but seriously think about it! and Face the facts. We are at the mercy of God - we can NOT change the climate no matter how hard we try - sure we all want to think so though! Insecurity is a strange and powerful thing!

Are you a Greenie or Activist?
It’s great that you care - but how concerned are you with the state of human-kind?
You may get amped up by reports that the planet is going down hill - but the planet is here for people not the other way around. You should be more concerned about world poverty, crimes against humanity and even the state of your society which is often controlled by the content of videos, TV, computer games, songs & the media.

Go one step deeper and you will see that the state of your own spiritual condition is of vital importance - and probably over-looked! Are you Saved?
Don't get caught up in useless propaganda! In a world where God's law, human morals and the family unit are continually atacked - get active about Jesus instead of crusading about a some trees!

You don't know Jesus or disagree with religion? Good! Click

So yes - we use & sell Solar & Wind Power & various other 'environment friendly' things so we can all benefit (like the solar cooker) - but we won't buy into hype - even if it is good for sales.

Even if the planet warms slightly from 'Global Warming' - this is nothing compared to the fire of Judgment that will one day drench every human who has ever lived. On that day all your environmental deeds will be meaningless & only the decision to trust Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins will cut the mustard (no not religion - religion is often ignorant & starts wars...!) Atheism & Wiccanism are both examples of a religion with no facts to stand on & are responsible for much death & decay. I am talking about the life & freedom of knowing God for yourself. Click
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