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When power is needed in remote areas (farms, ranches, villages, islands etc) - often there is no electricity grid to connect to. At very least hooking into the grid can cost a lot of money. For instance recently we looked at a property in Western Australia for purchase. To connect electricity we were looking at over $40,000 cost - upfront. After this we could look forward to lengthy delays when there was a blackout, and a bill every month :(

For a little more, we can setup a RAPS system, but have no bills and in most cases a very reliable and heavy-duty power supply. Maintenance is low and in many instances, many components have a life time of well over 20 years! For us that means a total saving of approximately $15,000 over 20 years! Some of the items last over 20 years but you can see from this that even after 20 years we are well ahead...WELL ahead!!

We can show you how to set up your property to provide all your needs!

A RAP system gives you totally clean and reliable energy year-round. Many people with RAPS opt for a 'Hybrid' system which means both Solar and Wind Power are incorporated. It is always possible (and adviseable) to have a backup generator in your system for emergencies.

Solar is great while the sun is up - though when it is cloudy or at night, it does no good (obviously!). Wind power is great for many locations and wind turbines can be purchased that suit low, high or medium wind speed areas.

During the winter, you may experience many days of no sun meaning no power for your batteries. Likewise in summer often there are periods of no wind.

Having both is best - This means that most of the year, at most times, you have power charging your batteries.

Batteries are available to give you many days (even weeks) of power, even if there is no wind or sun. The longer you need power without any sun / wind the bigger your battery bank needs to be. As a last resort a generator can be added to charge up your batteries.

Another option is Bi-Directional or Interactive Inverter that automatically turns on your generator when needed - say if too much power is being drawn or if the batteries are too low. This means that you really can forget about the system apart from quick maintenance every so often.

For this type of system, you will need:

  1. An Energy Converter (solar panels and / or wind turbine(s))
  2. A Regulator (unless the converter (#1) is self-regulated)
  3. Batteries (they store your energy)
  4. Inverter (rate & type to your own power need)
  5. Wires & connectors to go between #1-4
  6. Generator Petrol / Diesel (optional though recommended).

It doesn't get too much easier! In most cases a licensed electrician is needed to wire the inverter into your house - though once that is done it is the same as extending electricity as normal.

Remote Area Power System Wind / Solar Setup for Farm / Ranch
The diagram below is missing batteries - will be updated soon!