I†ems for Life!

As you may have already read on this site - we installed a Nature Loo (Classic 1000) and found it VERY easy. The hardest part for us was building an out-house (shed) with the floor 1m off the ground. Even this wasn't too hard - but installing the actual composting toilet was a LOT easier than we expected.
We would never sell or talk these up unless we had used them and found them AMAZING! - We can help with advise & tips if you buy from us.

Even a complete novice can install a Nature Loo in about half a day.
All you need is a clearance of 750mm for the Ensuite and around one metre beneath your toilet room for our larger Classic model. In the case of our self contained single units, the Excel & the Compact, the entire unit sits directly on the slab floor.

You can place an upstairs unit almost anywhere you want, completely independent of your downstairs unit. Some manufacturers of composting toilets have systems which allow two pedestals to feed into one chamber. Whilst this is cost effective it limits the design of the house to back to back toilet pedestals. With a Nature Loo you are free to locate the second loo wherever you want it. We also offer discounts on second units destined for the same home.

A Nature Loo does not need to be installed on the north side of a home because all chambers eventually get exposed to direct sunlight once full.
We may be able to help with simple design of an outhouse to suit.