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Being Fly-Blown SUCKS!

Flys can be a bit of a nuisance - but can also be very dangerous. Food that has had a fly on it can be dangerous to humans - and especially to babies / young kids

In Australia we have many types of flies - and for the most part we tend to put up with them. But there is a better way!

Using traps to attract flies can dramatically reduce the level & number of flies experienced in many different areas. It can also break the breeding cycle which means year after year they become less & less.

From rural settings where sheep die from being fly blown, to the suburban BBQ - fly traps work extremely well.

Now to what trap? We have found that the EFEKTO Fly Trap is by far the best. You can design your own trap, and there are many - but the EFEKTO is proven, reliable and high quality. You can use this trap for years & years and it will catch LOTS of flies.

Suitable for farms with cattle, sheep, pigs, chooks (chickens if you're non Aussie), turkeys (the feathered variety), llamas, yaks, emus, roos etc
The sheering shed is a prime location if you want to cut them down dramatically.
Also works well as Dog / Cat Havens, Pounds (no dollars), Catteries and Kennels
And of course your backyard will never be the same again! Hang one or two f these traps up & you will notice the difference - in fact your neighbours will too!

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Comes with guarantee!

Efeko Fly Trap that Works!
Organic Fly Trap - don’t waste time building your own & messing with plans!

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