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EcoTanka Stainless Steel Water Bottles

There’s a few companies selling stainless steel water bottles. But we think that EcoTanka are about the best. They have integrity and are committed to supplying the best stainless steel water bottles in the world. They are a fledgling company but already their products have proved very popular - for their quality of design and manufacture.

EcoTanka have a wide neck to allow ice cubes etc to be added. It is also very easy to drink out of without the lid.
The lids are amazing compared to most - high quality and BPA free. When you use them you will know what I mean! They are designed & made to last.

EcoTanka are not a gimmicky company - but a New Zealand crowd that are working their way to the top.

We have opted
not to sell Kleen Kanteen for various reasons and think that EcoTanka are a far better option. Better value and...

We have also made a couple of suggestions to EcoTanka and they have taken them on board - very exciting these unique products should be available soon!