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A Composting Toilet is a toilet that uses no water - or very little. This saves a huge amount of water over a year (typical family this equates to 35,000L) and helps save waterways etc.

The process is simple but to be safe and effective the toilet itself must be well designed and made with quality materials. We have found a few - but the one we sell is Australian, and around 30% cheaper than other units. We have tested in in everyday use and have found it GREAT.

On the following pages you will find details on our installation, the unit, how it works and more.

Do your bit - with a waterless toilet!

A main goal of ours is to help you connect with Jesus Christ (the One who Created the Sun, Wind and You!) but don't let that stop you getting a bargain!
-We would also like to help you do the right thing for the planet...and save you money!