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The Basic RunDown:

You need to work out the following:

  1. How much power you use at any one time
  2. How much power you use per day (average)
  3. How long you want the setup to run without sun / wind
  4. How much sun per day on average
  5. How much wind per day on average

Notes on how to do the above:

  1. Add up all the power consumptions of all items you will use at any one time - ie fridge (600watts), 6 x lights (6x20w=120watts), washing machine etc = TOTAL WATTS
  2. Write how many hours each of the items you use will be used each day. Times the watts by hours to get totals (ie 1000watts for 1 hour = 1 KWH) = TOTAL KWH
  3. In the event of no wind / sun how long do you want the system to be able to run everything to avoid a black out?
  4. Take into account any trees / building that will block the solar panels.
  5. This will be seasonal in most areas.

These figures will make it possible to know:

  1. What size inverter you need (rated power in Watts)
  2. How many Solar Panels you need (power needed each day from the amount of sun you have)
  3. What size of Wind Turbine you need (power needed from the available wind)
  4. What size regulator you need (to handle the amps from the solar panels)
  5. What size batteries you need (to keep the setup running at night & in the event of no sun / wind)

Once you have these details feel free to email us & we can recommend what items to use in your setup. If doing this yourself please be aware that:
  1. ALL components waste energy.
  2. Cheaper components waste a lot more - and break down often
  3. There are losses through the power lines, regulator, inverter and batteries
  4. Nothing is 100% efficient so you need to over-state what you need.
  5. There are always items that use power that you might forget!