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1000ml EcoTanka Stainless Steel Drink Bottle Water Safe TREKKA
 Our Price: Au$25.00
1000ml EcoTanka Stainless Steel Drink Bottle Water Safe TREKKA
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Photo from left to right:  Supa tanka with stainless steel loop cap, Supa Tanka with Sports Sipper Lid. SELECT OPTION BELOW WHEN ORDERING



Supa tankas are special extra large drink bottles.  They hold a volume of 1.00 litres (four large glasses), are ultra light and measure approximately 230mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area.


As pictured above, these bottles are available with either a sports cap or a stainless steel loop cap. 


All ECOtankas are solid 304 high quality stainless steel food grade and have a 1 year warranty against faulty manufacturing.  They come in an attractive green box fully printed with the ECOtanka name and logo.  Additional lids or replacement lids are available.  All lids fit to all bottles and are interchangeable.


To care for your bottle, wash it regularly in warm soapy dishwashing water.  Dishwashers are not recommended.  Do not freeze. White vinegar can be rubbed over the outside of the bottle to remove any finger prints.


ECOtankas are beautiful solid 304 stainless steel high food grade drink bottles


ECOtankas look modern and very attractive, while at the same time offering one of the most hygienic surfaces that is available.  Stainless steel is very easy to clean and it's unique surface has no pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria.  So your bottle stays completely clean and safe for years upon years. 


ECOtankas are ultra light and durable, they are not lined with any material and they do not break down or leach in any way.  They are completely safe and non-toxic.  A 1 year warranty is also offered against faulty manufacturing.


Fluids can be changed from a juice or sports drink back to water, and there is no tainting or after taste.  Drinks from an ECOtanka always taste beautifully clean and fresh, and the stainless holds them cooler for longer periods of time.


The ECOtanka name and branding is designed to help encourage you to fill and take your own bottle and to re-ruse it over and over again. 


Please help to look after our earth and avoid the purchasing and disposing of plastics where ever possible.  It is up to each and every single one of us to help reduce the some 30 billion water bottles that we are currently purchasing and disposing of every single year, as unfortunately most of these still end up in our landfills

Help Protect Our Earth

Each year we are drinking 30 billion throw-away bottles of water worldwide! 


That is 2.7 million tons of plastic!


If you put the bottles end to end, they would go around the world more than 150 times


...and that is every single year.


In the US on average one person uses 166 disposable plastic water bottles a year, and 8 out of 10 of these bottles become garbage or end up in a landfill. 


These buried water bottles can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade.




Please do your part to help keep our world green, healthy, clean and beautiful for your children and their generations to come.

For more info see http://www.container-recycling.org/


Why Stainless Steel?


Stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials available. Its unique surface has no pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria. This is why it is so commonly used in cookware, food preparation and commercial kitchens.




It is corrosion resistant, non-leaching and safe!




You can switch between water, juice or milk drinks and there will be no taste or smell of any of them after the bottle has been washed! 




With proper care, stainless steel has a useful life expectancy of over 100 years and it is 100% recyclable! This makes ECOtankas both long lasting and environmentally friendly.



Research Biased on Harmful Chemical BPA, New Report States

by John Koshuta, citizen journalist
(NaturalNews) For decades, the federal government and chemical-makers have assured the public that the hormone-mimicking compound Bisphenol-A is safe. This chemical is found in baby bottles, aluminum cans and hundreds of other household products.

But a recent investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has found that studies and research are heavily funded by the same companies that produce the chemical. The article states that 80% of academically and government-funded research found that bisphenol-A is harmful in laboratory animals. Most of the industry-funded studies found there was no harm.

Last week, a panel commissioned by the National Toxicology Program released a report finding bisphenol-A to be of some concern for fetuses and small children. The report stated that adults have almost nothing to worry about.
Recommendations from the report could be used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other regulators to assess federal policies on how much bisphenol-A is safe and may have huge ramifications for the multibillion-dollar chemical industry.

The panel said it considered more than 700 studies by university scientists, government researchers and industry-funded chemists. It picked the work it felt was best and threw out the rest. The Journal Sentinel found that panel members gave more weight to industry-funded studies and more leeway to industry-funded researchers.

What Is Bisphenol-A?

Bisphenol-A is a chemical compound containing two phenol functional groups, belonging to the phenol class of aromatic organic compounds. It is widely prepared and sold, and various important polymers/plastics are made from it. Bisphenol-A was detected in the urine of 93% of participants in a recent study.

Harmful side-effects to bisphenol-A exposure:
* Breast cancer
* Testicular cancer
* Diabetes
* Hyperactivity
* Obesity
* Low sperm counts
* Miscarriages
* Other reproductive failures

Bisphenol-A was first synthesized by A.P. Dianin in 1891. It was investigated in the 1930s during the search for synthetic estrogens. At that time, another synthetic compound called diethylstilbestrol was determined to be more powerful than estrogen itself, so bisphenol-A was not used as a synthetic estrogen. In the 1950s scientists discovered the chemical could be used to make polycarbonate plastic and some epoxy resins to line food and beverage cans.

Its current uses are as a primary monomer in polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. Bisphenol-A is also used as an antioxidant in plasticizers and as a polymerization inhibitor in PVC. Polycarbonates are widely used in many consumer products, including sunglasses, CDs, water and food containers, and shatter-resistant baby bottles. Some polymers used in dental fillings also contain bisphenol-A, while epoxy resins containing the chemical are popular coatings for the inside of food cans.

Why Does Bisphenol-A Cause So Many Problems?
Bisphenol-A mimics naturally occurring estrogen, a hormone that is part of the endocrine system, the body's finely tuned messaging service. "These hormones control the development of the brain, the reproductive system and many other systems in the developing fetus," says Frederick vom Saal, Ph.D., a developmental biologist at the University of Missouri. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals can duplicate, block or exaggerate hormonal responses. "The most harm is to the unborn or newborn child," vom Saal says.

The first evidence of the estrogenicity of bisphenol-A came from experiments in the 1930s in which it was fed to ovariectomized rats. Some hormone disrupting effects in studies on animals and human cancer cells have been shown to occur at levels as low as 2-5 ppb (parts per billion). It has been claimed that these effects lead to health problems such as, in men, lowered sperm count and infertile sperm. Recent studies have confirmed that bisphenol-A exposure during development has carcinogenic effects and produce precursors of breast cancer. Bisphenol-A has been shown to have developmental toxicity, carcinogenic effects, and possible neurotoxicity. Recent studies suggest it may also be linked to obesity by triggering fat-cell activity.

How Can I Minimize My Exposure to Bisphenol-A?
* Purchase products that state they are Bisphenol-A free.
* Use plastics that have the recycling numbers 1, 2, or 5. Avoid the recycling numbers 3 `(polycarbonate) or 7 (PVC).
* Use glass baby bottles or those labeled “bisphenol A free.” One company that makes plastic baby bottles with Bisphenol-A is Born Free.
* Wait until food cools before placing it in plastic containers.
* Put filters on taps to prevent PVC from pipes from leaking into the water you and others consume.
* Use wooden toys for children and avoid soft plastic toys that small children may put in their mouths.
* Avoid vinyl shower curtains.
* Purchase deodorants and soaps that are fragrance free.




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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 February, 2009.
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