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015A 12v CTEK Battery Charger 8 Stage CTEK Auto Desulphator XS15
 Our Price: Au$359.00
015A 12v CTEK Battery Charger 8 Stage CTEK Auto Desulphator XS15
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CTEK Battery Charger

For those who care about their batteries, and want the best, the CTEK range is second to none. Voted the world's best for 3 years in a row (England, Sweden and Fnland) the CTEK is amazingly advanced and very easy to use.

A standard battery charger only provides a constant level of charge, that is not adequate to fully charge a battery. Furthermore - if you leave the battery charger connecte too long you will damage the battery.

the CTEK charger is totally automatic and can be left plugged into the battery permanently.  They are fully automatic and reverse polarity protected.

The CTEK charger not only keeps your battery in full charge state automatically, it reconditions your battery too! The deep charge actually revives batteries by destroying the sulphation that is caused when a battery is under-charged, over charged or allowed to be discharged 40%.
Your battery is considered only 75% charged (SOC) at 12.5 volts - and 50% SOC at 12.15 volts. Even at this voltage damage is occuring that a normal charger can not help but will actlly make worse.

The CTEK is an invaluable investment!
Many car manufacturers know this - including FERRARI who install one in every car they sell! (http://www.ctek.com/Pressreleases/Pressrelease-Ferrari-07.pdf)


  • Cars
  • 4WD (Foul Wheel Drives)
  • Caravans
  • Campervans
  • Camper Trailers
  • Electric Wheel Chair 
  • Boats
  • Lawn Mowers 
  • Trucks
  • Golf Carts 
  • Motorbikes
  • Ride-on Toys
  • Solar Applications


MULTI XS 15000

The universal heavy duty battery charger

The multi XS 15000 is perfect for applications that demand reliability. This charger is an all round performer offering fast, accurate and reliable charging. With all the features of the multi XS 25000 offering automatic charging that adjusts to the battery’s temperature, the handy supply mode, memory saver so you can unhook the battery without loosing settings & more. These chargers represent the latest technology within battery charging and gives the battery maximum life


Technical Specifications

170 - 260 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
Charge voltage
14.4 V
Charging current
15 A max.
Ambient temperature
- 20°C to + 50°C
Charger type
8 Step fully automatic
Type of Batteries
All types of 12 lead-acid batteries
Minimum battery
30 Ah
Max battery charging
300 Ah
Max Battery maintenance
Back current drain
< 2Ah per month
Current Ripple
< 4%
233L x 128W x 64H mm
1.4 kg
2 Years

Bulk Charging Time

Battery Capacity - Ah
Time to 80% charge - h


Temperature Compensation

  • Multi XS 15000 has a sensor cable placed together with the battery cables. The units will automatically adjust the charging voltage if the temperature deviates from +25°C. A high temperature lowers the voltage and freezing conditions is handles by higher voltage. The temperature is best measured on or very close to the battery. Therefore always place a sensor as close to the batery as possible when charging. The sensor cable could be prolonged or cut to the same functionality. A short - circuited or disconnected sensor is indicated by lamp A. The charging voltage is then adjusted to the +25 °Ccondition


  • The charher is maintenance free, the charger must not be opened, doing so will invalidate the warranty. If the power cable is damaged it must be replaced by CTEK or Energy Matters. The charger casing can be cleaned using a cloth and mild cleaning agent. Remove the plug from the power socket berfore cleaning.

CTEK's Battery charger - the smartest you have ever seen

10 reasons why you should choose a CTEK battery charger

  1. The battery charger are quite simply Best in Test – 3 years in a row, 2004, 2005, 2006 (Sweden, England and Finland).
  2. Thanks to unique design, a CTEK battery charger is designed for safety for users, sensitive electronic equipment and the battery.
  3. They have a unique in-house developed patented system.
  4. A CTEK battery charger is small and convenient and extremely simple to use – fully automatic too!
  5. A CTEK battery charger is durable and can be used in all types of weather (IP44-65 classed) and temperatures (-20°C – +50°C).
  6. The simple and handy design makes a CTEK battery charger easy to understand and lets you know what is going on.
  7. Their flexibility means that they have many different features, that a CTEK battery charger can be used on many different vehicles and lead-acid batteries.
  8. A lot of product, quality and service at a good price is one of CTEK's slogans.
  9. Many of the world's most prestigious car and motorbike makers extend their patronage by offering their customers a CTEK battery charger.
  10. Quality, service and responsibility – five-year warranty for consumers and two-year warranty for professional use.

And why should you own a CTEK battery charger?

Increased battery dependence
Your expectations for your vehicle/machine
It should be easy and safe
A CTEK battery charger is not a “booster” or just any old battery charger

Increased battery dependence

By looking after and maintaining your battery, while charging them, you prolong their service life and retain their performance.

Without really noticing it, we are living more and more in the midst of different types of battery. The type we probably think about least of all is the lead-acid battery present in vehicles and different types of machines that we use both privately and professionally. Some of these batteries will remain idle for long periods, while others are put under a lot of strain by the equipment installed in the vehicle and are used very frequently without the engine being turned on. This is naturally very taxing for any battery.

In the 1990s, batteries underwent a robust period of development, which introduced a new type of maintenance and care. CTEK developed an entirely new and unique system – 8-stage charging – for today's battery which is used throughout their product range.

This is particularly relevant for people owning seasonal vehicles, practising recreational activities, running professional vehicles, working in a workshop, working as vehicle/machine sellers, racing, working with service vehicles ...

Your expectations for your vehicle/machine

We have also come to rely on everything working properly to ensure we have the time to do everything we have planned. Therefore, our expectations and requirements on all the vehicles around us have increased. Correct battery care can avert many disappointments and problems, particularly when you least want to faced them. The right battery charger not only prolongs the service life of your battery, it ensures that the battery can provide the maximum performance for all of this time.

The motorbike you dust off in the spring, a successful and self-reliant caravan holiday, the truck driver who started early in the morning following a long and lonely TV evening and morning music, the car salesman who needs to start a car for a test run, the boat owner who plans to sail home after a long, wonderful afternoon with prepared food and music, the fridge to keep your drinks chilled... expectations.

It should be easy and safe

Now, it is not the case that we are all particularly interested or knowledgeable when it comes to charging batteries, even though we know it is important. It is then we really appreciate convenience, simplicity and safety. A CTEK battery charger is small, fully automatic and have smart accessories, making them convenient and simple. They are reverse-polarity and short-circuit proof as well as nonsparking, aiming for safety for any user, irrespective of the vehicle to be connected or the person doing it. The fact that they do not damage sensitive electronic equipment is yet another positive characteristic that makes them simple and practical. Being approved for outdoor use and being extremely durable makes them flexible, practical and correctly designed for safety. That they can then be left unattended for long periods makes them really simple and convenient, in addition to extremely practical.

Finally, a CTEK vbattery charger is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries: Wet, MF, AGM and GEL.

A CTEK battery charger is not a “booster” or just any old battery charger

People often ask, why does it take so long to charge using CTEK compared to other makes? CTEK is not a “booster”. CTEK is a battery charger that looks after and maintains batteries with an entirely unique system that is friendly to batteries and electronics. You can even charge drained batteries. The reason it takes a little more time is just because it handles the battery in the right way.

People sometimes ask, why should you buy a CTEK battery charger instead of one that costs half as much and looks virtually the same (even the product description is the same)? But this is not the whole truth. CTEK products have a unique system (patented functions) not available in other legal battery chargers that can therefore not offer the same performance. As for “copy cats” or forgeries, it is guaranteed that they will not maintain standards. It is impossible to use the quality materials, hire qualified engineers that produce the right product composition, maintain an even and fine level of quality control while at the same time keeping the price down. a "copy cat" battery charger do not meet the standards and cannot guarantee to be nonsparking, reverse-polarity proof and electronics safe.

There is probably not a single battery charger that can match the price for the same performance and generous warranties while at the same time offering such professional customer service. This means that you save money and time as you always have a charged battery, your vehicle will always start and you will not need to buy a new battery for many years to come. You are sure to get the maximum service life from your battery.



This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 June, 2008.
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