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A GLOBAL Sun Oven solar cooker - no longer available
[SO Sun Oven]
 Our Price: Au$599.00
A GLOBAL Sun Oven solar cooker - no longer available
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It has been superseded by the Aussie Edition Sun Oven ®. 


The below is listed for informational purposes only.  




Download Brochure HERE 

The World's Best SOLAR COOKER - The Genuine Global SUN OVEN® 


The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® takes Cooking in the Sun to a new level!

If you want to cook food without any emissions, without any cost, in a totally healthy way - the Sun Oven Solar Cooker is the only choice. Let's face it - the sun was designed for our benefit so we should utilize it's amazing output... Unfortunately most solar cookers available for sale worldwide (or make your own designs), don't really work that well - or are very dangerous & difficult to use. Welcome the Sun Oven - designed & made in the U.S.A. with the common problems in mind - it is truly amazing. It does what it is meant to - cooks in the sun quickly at high temperatures, but is safe, compact & easy to use. This amazing high quality Sun Oven will give you years of cooking bliss & has the style to turn heads too!. 

Approximate Solar Cooker Cooking Times for the Sun Oven:

Granola 20 minutes  
Chocolate Cake 35 minutes  
Rice 40 minutes  
Bread 45 minutes  
Baked Chicken 1.5Kg 1 Hour 15 min  
Beef Roast 1.75kg 1 Hour 20 min  

A meal cooked in the Sun Oven Solar Cooker satisfies more than just your taste buds; it impacts the environment in a positive way, and is the easiest and most forgiving cooking method you will ever use. Purchasing a SUN OVEN® Solar Cooker may well prove to be one the best investments you ever make. It also helps in our efforts to bring SUN OVENS® (Solar Ovens) to deforested countries around the world. The Global Sun Oven utilizes the clean, green and abundant energy from one of Jesus' amazing creations - the Sun! . 

FROM ROASTS to CAKES & BREADS to DRIED FRUIT to FULL GOURMET MEALS - do anything in this great Sun Oven.

Sun-cooked food is more tender, has more flavour and is better for you - it is also free & clean! 

No electricity, gas or wood - no fumes - easy for camping & doesn't heat up your kitchen either! 

Almost the same time to cook as a regular gas or electric oven - depending on clouds. 

You can even put your dinner in & leave all day - return from work it's cooked & still warm! (see FAQ's below) 

What to do: Prepare your meal, Put in the Sun Oven, Point to the Sun & Do whatever you want (even go to work!). When you come back the food is ready! No need to stir & the food won't burn as there is no hot spots! Soft, juicy food...everytime!  

Rated as the top solar appliance in the world. Due to it's amazing design anything you can cook in a regular oven can be cooked in a Global Sun Oven Solar Cooker! (this is not true of most solar cookers)                             


Solar Cooker Global Sun Oven

Cook for free Bakes, Boils, Roasts or Steams Any Kind of Food with the Power of the Sun - No Fuel Needed! 
No learning curve Create your favorite recipes as you feast upon natural sun baked treats!
Just like your home oven Reaches Temperatures of 360° to 400° F! 
Totally Safe - No Danger of Fire - Never Burn Dinner Again!
Versatile, Easy-to-use, Portable as a Small Suitcase!
the SUN OVEN® is the world's most widely used solar oven!


Reduce your environmental impact (carbon-free cooking!) and save time & money...  
Jesus put the Sun there for us - why not use it!


Features that set the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® far above the rest!

One piece collapsible reflectors The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® can be set up for use or taken down for storage in a matter of seconds. The reflectors literally fall into place at an angle that allows you to maximize the power of the sun.  
The reflectors are made of highly polished, mirror-like anodized aluminum that can be cleaned quickly and easily with glass cleaner, and they will never oxidize or rust

Spill-proof levelator  There is never any need to worry about your food spilling in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®. While cooking, your food rests on a shelf that self adjusts to always stay level as you refocus.

Easy temperature monitoring  A built in thermometer allows you know the temperature at a glance.

Self-contained leveling leg  As the sun is at different points on the horizon the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® can readily be adjusted to follow it. A simple adjusting leg allows you to choose from 9 angled positions.

Extremely well insulated  A thick batt of non-toxic insulation retains heat. Food cooked in the sun and left in the oven will remain hot for hours. Cold air is held out, allowing the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® to be used on sunny days year around regardless of the ambient temperature.

Light weight, easy to carry The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® weighs only 21 pounds (9.5 kg), folds up like a suitcase, and is equipped with a handle for easy transport. 



What can I cook in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®? 
Anything you can cook in a conventional electric or gas oven can be cooked in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®. You can bake, boil and steam using any of your favorite recipes. 

What is the cooking temperature range? 
The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® will reach temperatures of 360 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven will generally reach its maximum temperature as it is being preheated. The temperature will drop when food is placed in the chamber. 

Will food prepared in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® taste the same as food prepared in my conventional oven? 
The food tastes much better! Solar cooking allows many of the natural flavors of food, which get baked out in conventional ovens, to remain. The slow, even rise in temperatures in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® gives the complex carbohydrates time to break down into simple sugars allowing subtle natural flavors to emerge. Sun baked foods stay moist, the natural internal juices do not bake out, resulting in a superior, moist taste and much less shrinkage. 

How long does it take? 
Cooking times are close to the same as those in a conventional oven. Because the sun is often trying to run away and hide behind clouds, cooking times can vary. At times it may take a little longer. The factors that affect the cooking time are: the quality of the sunlight at the time you are cooking, the types and quantities of the food being cooked, and how often the oven is being refocused. A large benefit is that generally food can be left while you go out or do other things as most food cooked in a Sun Oven does not spoil if left in the oven too long - unlike a normal gas / elec oven. 

Does a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® require special pots and pans? 
No, but dark, thin-walled pots with lids work best. Dark pots change the light from the sun into heat energy. Lids are important because they hold steam in the pot. If a lid is not used the steam will dissipate much of the heat. Shiny aluminum pots and pans cause light to be reflected out thereby reducing the oven's temperature. Glass casserole dishes with lids also work well. For baking cakes, breads, cookies, and pies, dark cookie sheets and baking tins work best. 1 or 2 Roasting Dishes can be included with your purchase. These are high quality & can fit approximately 1.5kg Roast chook. 

Does food need to be stirred? 
No. Stirring to prevent scorching is not required when cooking in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® due to the fact that there are no hot spots. The temperature of the food rises evenly. It is almost impossible to burn food in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®. 

How difficult is it to focus a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®? 
Focusing a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® is very easy. All that is required is to watch the shadows created by the oven. When the shadows are even on all sides, the cooker is directly focused. The built-in leveling leg on the back of the oven allows for easy tracking. 

How often must a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® be refocused? 
The need to refocus depends a great deal on what you are cooking, the time of day, and the temperature you wish to maintain. A good rule of thumb is to plan to readjust every 30 minutes to maintain maximum heat. At noon the sun is high in the sky and moves quickly past the maximum focus point, creating the need to refocus more often. Later in the day you will not need to refocus as often. The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® is equipped with a built in Levelator, which keeps food level and avoids spills while being refocused. 

Many meals can be cooked without refocusing. GLOBAL SUN OVEN® users often will put their ovens outside, focused for the mid-day sun, with their dinner in it when they leave for work in the morning. As the sun moves overhead, the temperature in the Global Sun Ovenâ chamber slowly rises to a cooking level. As the sun passes, the food is kept warm and when they return from work they have a warm, sun-cooked dinner. 

(Keep in mind food will not burn in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® and that the chamber is extremely well insulated, allowing food to stay warm for hours.) 

With the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® getting so hot, what is the risk of getting burned when using it? 
The only parts that get hot are the oven chamber, the cooking pan, and the glass door. Proper care must be taken to use hot pads when opening the door and removing food. The entire exterior of the oven, including the reflectors, remains safe to touch. 

How long will a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® last? 
The estimated life of a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®is 20 + years. With proper care it should last a lifetime. 

Do I need special recipes to cook in a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®? 
The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® reaches temperatures comparable to that of conventional ovens, therefore no special recipes are required. A good rule of thumb is to add 10 to 15 minutes of cooking time for each time the oven door is opened. 

What are the dimensions of the GLOBAL SUN OVEN®? 
The size of the GLOBAL SUN OVEN® is 48cm x 48cm (19'' x 19'') with an average depth of  28cm (11''). The total weight is only 9.5Kg (21 pounds). 

Can I use a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® in the winter? 
Yes. The most important factor in using a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®is the brightness of the day, NOT the outside air temperature. Often, a 40-degree, clear, low-humidity day will allow food to cook faster than a 100-degree day with high humidity. The GLOBAL SUN OVEN®has been used very successfully at the base camp of a Mt. Everest expedition where the temperatures are often well below zero. There are, however, more cooking hours available in the summer than in the winter. In the early summer, it is not unusual to cook from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, whereas during the early winter, effective cooking is limited to 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 

How does it work? 
The black surfaces on the inside of the oven captures and transforms the sun's energy into a form that cannot escape the oven chamber. When a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® is focused in the sun, the interior of the oven is heated by the sun's energy. Direct and reflected sunlight enters the oven chamber through the glass door. It then turns to heat energy when it is absorbed by the black inner-shell and Levelator. This heat input causes the temperature inside the oven to rise until the heat loss of the oven is equal to the solar heat gain. The light energy absorbed by dark pots and the oven's dark interior is converted into longer wavelength heat energy. Most of this longer-wavelength radiant energy can not pass back out through the glass, ensuring more efficient cooking.

Carrying the GLOBAL SUN OVEN

Opening the reflectors

Adjusting the leg for the sun

Putting food in the oven

Removing the cooked food

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 April, 2016.
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