Realistic Alternative Solutions

Jesus is Alive!

Well it all started from our need to save money & get power on a rural property where the cost to have utility power was WAY too high. Western Power was going to charge $75,000 for us to have power - then charge us a bill every month!

We started very slowly - 4 small panels on the roof of our rental then a couple more. This just powered a fridge & freezer and a few other things - but we could see it was working.

We then quickly added more & more in preparation to moving to the country.

We wanted to start a rehab to help people out - see more under rehab!

With the health side of things we have found ourselves in a similar situation - needing items for ourselves & believe that they can help others.
My past lifestyle has led me to a state where I have numerous issues with health and I have to be more careful than most.

My family also has a history of cancer & other major health concerns adding to the wisdom of being careful (not scared - careful!)

Read more under rehab!