Realistic Alternative Solutions

Jesus is Alive!

It took a LOT to get me to even entertain the idea of there being a ‘god’.

Sure I had read enough science to know that evolutionary theory had MAJOR holes in it. in fact the more i studied the things of science the more it seemed obvious that the theory of macro evolution was totally wrong - and impossible. Why had I been taught that it was fact? why did documentaries continually sprout stuff that research clearly showed was incorrect? Why did university professors & books teach an foundationless theory as fact?

I couldn’t figure this out - but wasn’t willing to explore the options. I didn’t want to know that there was a ‘god’. I would normally always figure things out to find the truth. Like when Pauline Hanson was being bagged all the time for being racist on the news. I thought - it’s illegal to be racist she wouldn’t be a politician still if that were true. I saw Channel 7 & 9 give snippets of her speeches that (with dishonest editing) showed the opposite of what she was trying to say - I had seen the whole section on BBC. So I wrote to One Nation for their policies - I couldn’t find much I disagreed with! Why were they promoting false information about her? Well it’s easy - they (the media) are mostly owned by foreign investors. Those investors decide what you see - and Pauline Hanson would bring the control and money back to Australia - so they wanted to stop her. Ahhh it all made sense.

But if evolution is false what’s the alternative? The previous scientific belief that the world was flat? Or a God who spoke it into being? Let’s not think about this one!

When I was at rock bottom (and I mean rock bottom!) I decided to do an honest search. I was going to kill myself so I owed it to myself to see if there was some kind of God. I had looked into everything else & found disappointment. I had nothing to loose though expected nothing either.

The trip was long & many, many things happened that were amazing - it will all be available to read soon... but to summarize:

Me, a total skeptic was TOTALLY convinced that the Bible was no ordinary book.
I met Jesus - He freed me from my addictions
He healed a serious injury in my back
And He let me see the real state of the world, my soul and life in general.

My life was instantly transformed! Things happened that I can not write here but I will be sharing at some point.

Addictions I had fought to try to kick were now no issue at all - I would go into the pub & just not
want to drink!
Stealing - I haven’t stolen anything since! (that was Fathers Day 2000)

Boy how life has changed! No I am far from perfect & I still make wrong choices...but nothing like the same - and there is genuine and consistent growth & change - not from me but from Jesus!

I am now married (to a woman with a similar experience with Jesus from bad addictions) with 4 children. Relationships are now possible for me! Wow I could go on & on and I will - but not here :)

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