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Jesus is Alive!

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WA 6025
ABN 86828969439
Phone 0411-111-343
(Weekdays between 9am and 5pm Western Australia Time only!)
International (+614) 11-111- 343
Please note: Pricing on the website is for online sales only.Prices & Details Subject to change at any time.

Display / Retail Outlet:
Our retail outlet is currently closed due to relocation. A new premisis is being constructed that will serve as a base for operations and a display of products and techniques we use and sell.

We will keep you updated on progress and will have a web site / blog to inform of the status of each stage of the project. Stay Tuned!

We operate with integrity and honesty - and most items we sell have been tested and used by ourselves.

In the early days we started off by sourcing products we actually needed for our own living requirements. We soon discovered that there was a lot of mis-information regarding solar / wind power and various products on the market.
After much research we decided to offer some of the products we found that did live up to their claims. Customers soon recognised that we were in it for the long haul and quickly we developed a strong customer base.

Our sales are powered by the Son!

We are a small all Australian business that is dedicated to saving more than money! We stock some of the best products available.
Alternative Energy, Healthcare, Foods and Auto / 4wd - you will find it here with some of
Australia’s Lowest Prices!!

Our main goal is to help you to connect with Jesus Christ (the One who made you and everything else!) but don't let that stop you finding a bargain!

If there is a healthier or more efficient way of doing it - we want to know...and sell items that help you do just that!

Our range is growing steadily - so if you want to save on something enter the store - if we don't have something listed contact us.

Remember - we can save you money but only Jesus can save your soul!


Healthcare, Supplements, Organic Foods, Safe Cosmetics, Safe Cleaning & Hygiene, Organic Foods, Solar Cookers (Sun Oven), Drinking Water Filters (AquaPro), Shower Filters, Safe Drinking Stainless Water Bottles (EcoTanka), Wind Turbines (AirX Air Breeze), Solar Panels, Inverters, Regulators (PL Plasmatronics PL20 PL40 PL60, Tristar, Prostar, Morningstar, MPPT), Battery Chargers (CTEK, Redarc, Projecta), Switches (Narva & Hella), Wiring, Battery isolators (Redarc), Fly Traps (EFEKTO, Hovex), Pumps (Johnson, Lorentz, Brumby), Compact Fluoro Light Bulbs, Map Books & Posters (QPA Roads & Tracks), Tyre Repair Kits, Books, Bibles, Stickers, Composting Toilets, Mobile Phone Aerials, Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines and much much more!

We have just moved back from a very remote rural location in Western Australia. There we tested and used many of the items we sell.

We were 55kms from the nearest town (of 300 people) and are ~300 kms from suburbia. My wife & I had two boys, a girl and another due in a few months so could not afford to use cheap & faulty items that didn't work or would fail.

Spiritual - we spread the truth about what Jesus has done for mankind - no not religion - we're talking the best free gift you've ever imagined from your own Creator! Ask if you want to know more...

Emotional - we aim to help people with emotional hurts, pain, baggage & addictions to be truly free & start to experience real life. If you have addictions to anything (ie work, food, drugs, sex, alcohol etc) feel free to ask for help :)

Physical - we aim to help low income earners / people in financial hardship with food / accomodation & other needs. Also to provide a safe place for victims of abuse and a rehab for all types of addictive cycles.

Financial - we aim to help people utilize the energy & resources Father God has set in motion for us (the wind, water, sun etc) to save money & help the environment & provide items at a reduced rate to others.

- Unlike some Christians we practise (at least try to!) what we preach...
- Unlike many sellers (especially Alternative Energy Sellers!) we use & rely on the items we sell.